Crowd Appeal
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Groups need Crowd Appeal

Groups can offer participants more value with our portfolio of ready-to-use value-added products and services, as well as accessing solutions to lower the costs of delivering wages and benefits.

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Crowd Appeal is building and enhancing value for groups Fail.


Crowd Appeal is focused on adding value and enhancing the delivery of products and services through the workplace.
  • Benefit plans
  • Small businesses
  • Large employers
  • Unions
  • Taft-Hartley Trust Funds
  • Public Employers
  • Industry Associations
  • Staffing-companies
  • Direct marketers
  • Independent Contractors

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Get connected

Create your online account with Fail and then contact us to upgrade your account to offer group management features

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Enhance Communications

Integrate content into existing communications to deliver added value continously.

Build loyalty

Offer your employees, contractors, members, retirees, plan beneficiaries, volunteers, or other participants access to content and systems to add value and build loyalty.

Grow membership

Attract and retain participants with our constantly growing library of offers and communication pieces.



Our Benefit.Center platform streamlines the delivery of benefit plans via a single connecting point for the promotion, communication and education of benefits. Our platform can be integrated with your existing membership and benefit systems, or implemented as a stand-alone solution.


Groups of all sizes can affiliate with us in order to access a growing network of financial and health oriented content to offer your participants added value immediately. We will work with your organization to tailor content for your audience.


One-of-a-kind payment solution designed to lower costs and streamline the delivery of wages and benefits. Learn more about our spending cards—the way to get paid and the way to pay™.

Benefit Solutions

We are dedicated to developing, providing and supporting innovative solutions to help enhance the delivery of wages and benefits while lowering costs.