Crowd Appeal
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Merchants need Crowd Appeal

We can help position your company with large groups of consumers in the markets you want to be in. We specialize in developing value-added content for groups of all sizes to address the work-life needs of participants. In doing so, Crowd Appeal can help establish your company as a preferred merchant.
To participate, we ask businesses to provide participants with a special value, discount or service offer greater than what they might obtain on their own, or through a similar program.
This offer is then promoted to the audiences you want to reach through "closed" channels not accessible to the general public, which helps protect the integrity of your regular pricing among retail consumers.

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Crowd Appeal helping build and enhance value for groups including Fail.

Multiple placement and promotional opportunities available

Crowd Appeal serves groups and participants from virtually every walk of life-in person, in print, and on the web.

Programs are supported and distributed directly by benefit plan administrators, employers, unions, and other workplace stakeholders through group meetings and one-on-one contact with participants.

Participants enjoy eligibility-verified access to program content via a mobile-optimized benefits portal.

Mobile Apps

Participants are also able to access content via mobile apps.


Both co-branded program materials and the organizations' other existing communications help to remove your company from the typical hodge-podge and placement wars of regular advertising and distinguish you as a preferred merchant in a network of "Best-in-Class" offers and targeted groups.

Let us help you create and maintain business momentum


To have a continuous stream of buyers you have to continue to promote your business. Promotion drives ready buyers to your business, and promotion builds your brand and influences word of mouth referrals and consumer choice.


Your marketing has to motivate people to buy from you. You have to give them something they want. You have to give them a deal. Keep in mind a deal does not always mean a discounted price. See our Four C's for more information about this.


People are busy, people have a lot of information to deal with. The best marketing creates urgency to get people's attention and gets them to act right away. The longer they wait to buy from you, the more likely they are to get distracted and not buy at all.


There is more to promotion than having a sale. Long term customer loyalty is created by building your value to the consumer. Think of the four C's below when creating your promotions. If you have trouble developing your promotional content, ask one of our team to help you come up with ideas.


Savings sell—so we help you lower your selling costs, while increasing your sales, so you can lower your prices and still remain profitable.


The cost you charge is just a part of what a consumer pays. Emphasize your convenience to the customer to gain attention and sales.


The quality of your product or service is perhaps the most significant part of the value you offer. The best relationships for your business and our groups will be built upon, and sustained by, the quality and value your business offers.


Being a good citizen in your community is both a moral responsibility and a business necessity. Your customers expect the people they do business with to contribute to the community they share. Don't be shy about communicating your contributions.

Content Categories

Crowd Appeal works with merchants to develop value-added content for participants. Content is organized as follows:
  • Seasonally-relevant, featured content
  • Online offers
  • Local offers
    • Food & Drinks
    • Activities
    • Health & Beauty
    • Auto
    • Professional Services
    • Stores & Shopping
  • Group Insurance

Business offers

We are building deals to help participating businesses lower their costs even more. Crowd Appeal works with merchants to develop value-added content for participants. Save on these services and more:
  • Payroll
  • 401K administration
  • Accounting & Legal
  • Insurance
  • B2B payments
  • Workplace benefits