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Let's #SOARAHEAD together

We help businesses connect with individuals through the organizations they belong to; delivering solutions, offers, access, & rewards to help everyone #SOARAHEAD!


Business, organization and community leaders are encouraged to create an online account with Fail now to enjoy existing values and add additional value, so we can all #SOARAHEAD.

1. Become a charter member
Create your online account

Create your online #SOARAHEAD account with code to access merchant and/or group management solutions, offers, access, and rewards.

2. Promote your business
Promote your business

Business leaders can apply to submit content to be shared with affiliated groups. Businesses should provide participants with a special value, discount or service offer greater than what they might obtain on their own, or through a similar program to encourage groups to feature their content.

3. Offer to your participants
Offer to your participants

Group leaders can apply for a special referral code to give your participants (members, employees, etc.) access to content you approve to help everyone #SOARAHEAD.

4. Use for yourself personally
Use for yourself personally

Access health and finance related content to help you #SOARAHEAD.

5. Find exclusive offers for your business too
Find exclusive offers for your business too

We are committed to providing solutions to lower costs and facilitate the delivery of wages and benefits to help everyone #SOARAHEAD.



Benefit Solutions

Fostering healthy, wealthy and wise workplaces


While we cannot always make a sick person well, we may be able to improve relative health and outcomes as well as lower costs. By helping participants increase wellness, exercise, screening, and access to treatment we can reduce the need for treatment which can decrease costs and lower stress. Improvements in health are expected to result in greater longevity and increased happiness for the member-while workplace stakeholders and society benefit from lower costs and higher productivity. Lean more about how are helping achieve the IHI Triple Aim and improving YourCare.


We help participants spend more effectively, while increasing planning, earnings, savings, security and credit scores to decrease one's overall costs and stress; and increase stability and happiness. By helping participants #SOARAHEAD, workplace stakeholders and society will benefit as well as enjoy lower costs and higher productivity.

Wise Workplaces

Health and financial literacy programs in the workplace are not new—but until now there has been no comprehensive, life-stage oriented program addressing both health and finance simultaneously.



Participants (employees, contractors, members, retirees, plan beneficiaries, volunteers, etc) benefit from solutions, offers, access, and rewards to keep better informed, save money and live better lives.


Merchants enjoy a single connecting point to promote their business to multiple organizations and individuals increasing sales while lowering costs.


Groups can offer participants more value with our portfolio of ready-to-use value-added products and services, as well as accessing solutions to lower the costs of delivering wages and benefits.

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